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1. What’s one element of your daily routine?

Giving my Bengal Tiger Cat prince a kiss and a combing! 

2. What’s the first CD you bought for yourself? (music?)

Backstreet Boys!

3. Who’s your hometown hero?

Celine Dion

4. Who was your high school celeb crush/hero?

Brad Pitt & Antonio Sabato Jr

5. Favourite childhood fad/trend?

We used to wear these rave pants called modrobs! I had them in every colour! I also loved butterfly clips even tho I didn’t get the chance to wear them out publicly.

6.  What was your favourite pre-social-media activity?

Back in canada before msn messenger we had a chat form on the dial up internet called ICQ! Every time you would get a message it would say “uh oh” in this high pitched voice.

7.  Most cherished trinket that you have kept over the years?

Too many to choose from! I was a serious collector always! Probably my grand mother’s mink coats ;)

8.  Which late musician do you wish you could’ve seen live?

Freddie Mercury, George Michael & Amy Winehouse

9. Funniest rumour said about you?

Never really had too many rumours said about me as I’m an open book. When I was 16 I went to a Britney Spears concert with a friend I worked with who was into me. At work a rumour started that we hooked up but it so wasn’t true! We’re still friends today!

10. What is one little known fact about you?

I don’t drink coffee and I love my beverages freezing cold!

11. Cartoon that you grew up with?


12.  What movie/song can you recite word for word?

Quit Play Games With My Heart- Backstreet Boys

Mean Girls

13. Best advice you’ve ever been given?

“ I don’t want to hear no” -Dad


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