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1. What’s one element of your daily routine?

A cigarette with a coffee 

 2. What’s the first CD you bought for yourself? (music?)

Lucky - Britney Spears (on tape) 🙀

3. Who’s your hometown hero?

This random women I used to see wandering up the high street since i was a kid - she was dressed really ‘normal’ but had this massive beehive and had a fag in her mouth.

4. Who was your high school celeb crush/hero? 

Woody Harrelson in Natural Born Killers

5. Favourite childhood fad/trend?

Girls using plastic Jane Norman bags as a school bag.

 6. What was your favourite pre-social-media activity? 

Playing manhunt on a half built housing estate.

7. Most cherished trinket that you have kept over the years?

Actually I have a little bag of curiosities I’ve collected over the years that I carry around with me at all times. 3 marbles a gypsy women handed to me, a four leaf clover in a piece of tape that I found stuck to my shoe... Weird little things.

8. Which late musician do you wish you could’ve seen live?

Amy winehouse 😩😩

9. Funniest rumour said about you?

That I hit this guy in the face with a dead fish 

10. What is one little known fact about you?

That Im partially deaf and have hearing aid which I don’t wear as much as I should.

11. Cartoon that you grew up with?

Scooby doo

12. What movie/song can you recite word for word?

 Lol roll deep celebrate that 

13. Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Stop rushing for success take your time ... I know it can feel like were ticking time bomb.

Relax, take your time in whatever you do and stop looking at what everyone else is doing.


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