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What’s one element of your daily routine?

Aliangè serums & creams 

What’s the first CD you bought for yourself? (music?)

Madonna - Holiday

Who’s your hometown hero?

Byron Spencer 

Who was your high school celeb crush/hero?

Keanu Reeves & Brad Pitt 

Favourite childhood fad/trend?

Pound puppies & Care Bears

What was your favourite pre-social-media activity?


Most cherished trinket that you have kept over the years?

A silver cross from Jerusalem which was a gift from my mum to keep me safe.

Which late musician do you wish you could’ve seen live?

Micheal Jackson ,Whitney Houston & Aaliyah 

Funniest rumour said about you?

It must be a well kept secret or maybe I’m just not that scandalous.

 What is one little known fact about you?

I’m kinda shy.

 Cartoon that you grew up with?

Ninja Turtles & The Simpsons.

 What movie/song can you recite word for word?

TLC crazy sexy cool entire album.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/genius.com/amp/Baz-luhrmann-everybodys-free-to-wear-sunscreen-lyrics


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